Sydney Institute TAFE NSW

sydney institute colleges  - TAFE NSW
sydney institute colleges  - TAFE NSW
sydney institute colleges  - TAFE NSW
sydney institute colleges  - TAFE NSW


Sydney Institute of TAFE


The Sydney Institute TAFE NSW is among the largest and most innovative training and education centers in Australia.

Every year, the institute helps over seventy thousand students complete their education, and acquire

the necessary skills for employment and entrepreneurship. The institute offers more than eight hundred training programs that are nationally recognized. These courses are offered in all of the seven Sydney Institute TAFE colleges, and they are also available online for those who prefer distance learning.

The institute provides its students access to a wide array of learning options that include career and education training, traineeships and apprenticeships, diploma and certificate level qualifications, general education, English language courses, international student programs, aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander programs, mature age training, programs for women, and more.

The Sydney Institute TAFE NSW also conducts customized training programs to suit the

specialized requirements of Australian businesses, government units and industry associations.

The programs help increase productivity, enhance operations and upgrade employee skills.
The institute plays an integral role in local communities. Their colleges, spread across the country, specialize in the field of study that is most pertinent to their respective communities, aligning the education they provide to the needs of the local industry.

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