Sydney Government House

sydney government house
sydney government house
sydney government house
sydney government house


Sydney Government House


The Sydney Government House overlooks the dramatic Sydney Harbour. It lies to the south of the

world renowned Sydney Opera House. The Governor of New South Wales used to hold official

residence in the Government House. Today, it continues to be the Governor’s official reception space. The Historic Houses Trust of New South manages the building as a museum.

The first government house in Sydney was the residence of Captain Arthur Phillip, New South Wales’

first Governor. It was built in January 1788 out of timber and canvas on what is now the corner of Phillip and Bridge Streets.

The following governors extended and renovated the building, but in 1846, it was finally demolished. James Bloodsworth led the construction for a new government house. The result, despite the poor quality of the mortar, was a milestone in Australia’s architectural history. It was the continent’s first classical building, and it also contained the first staircase in Australia. Throughout the years, several additions and extensions were made to the building. The foundations of the structure were excavated

in 1983, and are now on display at the Museum of Sydney.

The British government decided to put up a new Government House in Sydney in 1835.

Royal Architect, Edward Blore was commissioned to design the building, which opened in 1843

during Queen Victoria’s birthday.

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