Silverwater Bridge

silverwater bridge
silverwater bridge
silverwater bridge
silverwater bridge


Silverwater Bridge


Silverwater Bridge, which opened in 1962, extends Silverwater road across the Parramatta River

from Silverwater southward to Rydalmere to northward to Ermington. The origin of the name of the

bridge and the suburban area it serves is not known. However, some believe that “silverwater” may

have been dubbed from the silver reflections of sunlight bouncing

off the Parramatta River.

The Silverwater suburb is in the western portion of Sydney in New South Wales. It lies 20 kilometers

to the west of the central business district, and is in the Auburn Council’s local government area. Silverwater is on the Parramatta River’s southern bank. Silverwater was originally developed as a medium to heavy industrial zone. However, as the economic climate changed, the area was redeveloped into a first-class light industrial and commercial center. There are also residential areas in some parts of the suburb.

Numerous small and medium businesses operate in Silverwater because it offers warehouse spaces

and retail areas in one industrial zone. Large organizations, including telecommunications companies Rode Microphones and Optus, also have offices in Silverwater. The landmarks in Silverwater include

the Silverwater Correctional Center, which is on the Parramatta River. It is home to a few heritage-listed establishments such as the Newington Chapel, and the Administrative Block.

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