Sega World Sydney

sega world sydney
sega world sydney
sega world sydney
sega world sydney


Sega World Sydney


Sega World Sydney opened in Australia in March 1997. It was an indoor amusement park

designed by the gaming company, SEGA. It was one of numerous high-tech amusement parks

that were opened around the globe. However, due to the lack of visitors, the park was closed and

turned into a warehouse and exhibition space for furniture before it was demolished in 2008.

The amusement center was located in Darling Harbour. The Jacfun consortium, Sega and the

Darling Harbour authority invested 80 million Australian dollars into the project. Unfortunately, the park did not meet its targets, and in November 2000, it was shut down to prevent further financial losses

to the investors.

Before it was closed, Sega World Sydney featured several rides with a lot of interactivity.

The themes of the rides were based on Sega games and franchises such as Sonic the Hedgehog.

Other rides in the park included the Rail Chase, the Mad Bazooka, the Ghost Hunters, the Magic Motion 4D, the Nickelodeon TV Machine, the Aqua Nova and the AS-1.

The contents if Sega World Sydney were auctioned off in March 2001. The auction was attended by

only 300 people, and most of the rides went for very low prices. The park’s major rides went to foreign buyers who were able to acquire them for much less than their intended sale price.

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