Luna Park Sydney

luna park - luna park milsons point
luna park - luna park milsons point
luna park - luna park milsons point
luna park - luna park milsons point


Luna Park


Luna Park is a heritage-listed amusement park which opened 1935 in Sydney, New South Wales.

It used to be called Luna Park Milsons Point. It is on the northern potion of Sydney Harbour.

During its more than 70 year history, the park has undergone numerous changes of ownership,

closures, legal action, and both opposing and supportive action from the community

Since the ceasing of operations of Sega World and Wonderland, Luna Park has become Sydney’s largest premier theme park in New South Wales. The park was the brainchild of David Atkins, Ted Hopkins and Herman Philips. Because of difficulties and disagreements with the Glenelg Council and local residents, the three planned to put up a new Luna Park in another location.

Coincidentally, in 1932, the North Sydney council was left with a portion of land that was used to hold equipment and materials for the construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. When the bridge was completed, the council began looking for developers for the site. In March, Philips was awarded the tender despite some resistance from the council against the trio’s proposal of an amusement park.

The park opened on October 4, 1935 and, since then, has undergone many ups and downs. Presently, the park is still a popular attraction among tourists and locals.

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