Kissing Point Wharf

putney kissing point wharf
putney kissing point wharf
putney kissing point wharf
putney kissing point wharf


Kissing Point Ferry Wharf


The Kissing Point Ferry Wharf is on the Rydalemere ferry route, which links the Circular Quay and Rydalmere ferry wharves. RiverCat ferries use the single jetty wharf for docking.

Other wharfs in Sydney include the Abbotsford Ferry Wharf, the Balmain Ferry Wharf, the Bayview Park Ferry Wharf, the Birchgrove Ferry Wharf, the Cockatoo Island Ferry Wharf and many others.

The Kissing Point Ferry Wharf is served by the route 57 bus through an adjoining bus stop along Waterview Street. The route runs between the Queen Victoria Building and the Macquarie University.

Kissing Point Wharf serves Putney, which is on Sydney’s Northern Suburbs. Putney is 18 kilometers to the west of the central business district, and is in the City of Ryde’s local government area. Putney is on Parramatta River’s northern bank.

The establishments and facilities in Putney include a post office, a primary school, sporting fields, restaurants, parks, a shopping area, a public swimming pool, and leisure and recreation center.

The St. Chad’s Anglican Church is also in Putney, along Delange Road. The historically significant church was founded in 1912, and is named after St. Chad of Mercia who was an abbot and bishop who lived during the 7th century.

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