Sydney Harbour Bridge

sydney harbour bridge
sydney harbour bridge
sydney harbour bridge
sydney harbour bridge


Sydney Harbour Bridge


The Sydney Harbour Bridge, along with the nearby Sydney Opera House and harbour, make up one

of the most iconic and distinguishing images of Australia.

The steel arch Sydney Harbour Bridge across the Sydney Harbour carries pedestrian, vehicular and

ail traffic to and from the North Shore and central business district of Sydney. Locals call the bridge the “coat hanger” because of how its arched design resembles a coat hanger.

Dorman Long and Co Ltd designed and built the Sydney Harbour Bridge which opened in 1932.

It was the tallest structure in the city until 1967. However, it still remains the widest and fifth longest

long-span bridge in the world. And measuring 134 meters from top to water level, it holds the record

as being the tallest steel arch bridge.

To the south, the bridge terminates at Millers Point, which is in The Rocks area. To the north, it ends

at Milsons Point, which is in the lower North Shore. The main roadway on the bridge is called Bradfield Highway. Its length of 2.4 kilometers makes it one of the shortest highways in the country.

The bridge rises and falls up to 18 centimeters as it expands and contracts depending on the weather.

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