Flinders Street Station

flinders street station
flinders street station
flinders street station
flinders street station


Flinder Street Station


The central railway station of Melbourne’s suburban rail network is Flinders Street Station,

which is located at the very busy Flinders-Swanston intersection by the Yarra River.

The Victorian Heritage listed building is right at the heart of the city. It covers two blocks from

Swanston Street to Queen Street.

Over one hundred thousand commuters and over a thousand trains pass through the Flinders

Street station every day. The station’s most distinguishing feature is the row of clocks above its entry ways. The clocks indicate the departure times of the trains on each of the railway lines. The local expression, “I’ll meet you under the clocks” refers to the Flinders Street Station, which is a very popular meeting place among residents of Melbourne.

The clocks date very far back to the 1860s. Sixty Bathgate indicators were bought from England

for use in the railway stations of Flinders Street, Richmond, Spencer Street and South Yarra.

Those installed at Flinders Street were put in storage in 1904 when the station was demolished.

In 1910, a new station was opened, and 28 clocks were put up above the main entrance beneath the dome, the Elizabeth and Degraves Street entrances, and the archway in the southern side of the station.

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