Captain Arthur Phillip  Statue

arthur phillip statue
arthur phillip statue
arthur phillip statue
arthur phillip statue


Captain Arthur Phillip Statue


The Arthur Phillip Statue, made in honor of Captain Arthur Phillip RN, is in the Royal Botanic Gardens of Sydney in New South Wales.

Arthur Phillip was born in London in 1738 to a language teacher from Frankfurt named Jacob and his wife, Elizabeth. After attending the Greenwich school, he was apprenticed to the Merchant Navy, and, after two years at sea, he graduated in 1755. Phillip then transferred to the Royal Navy where he was promoted to the rank of lieutenant in 1762. He was retired when the Seven Years War finally came to a conclusion in 1763.

The next 15 years, Phillip spent tending a farm in Hampshire. However, when the Spanish-Portuguese war broke out, he returned to sea from 1774 to 1778 at the service of the Portuguese navy.

In 1778, during the American War of Independence, Phillip came back to the English navy, and in

1781, he became post captain.

When the war ended, Philip worked for the British Admiralty. In October 1786, he was appointed

New South Wales’ first governor. Phillip rose up the ranks through hard work. During his time, patronage was common practice, but his efforts were recognized by all those he worked with and he was thought to be trustworthy and reliable.

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