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Australia is a very prosperous, technologically advanced and industrialised country. It has good result in many international comparisons of national performance such as quality of life, public education, economic freedom,

and protection. Australia is composed with five state capitals, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and the nation's capital city Canberra.


There are many beautiful sights that you can see in Australia, among

those are the Sydney Opera House, the world's most distinctive 20th

century building in the world and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, a steel

arch bridge across the Sydney Harbour.


For art lovers, just visit the Sydney Museum of Contemporary Art.

It has a collection of contemporary art made by artists across Australia

and around the world. If you like to have a peaceful day and just want

to hang-out with your friends then the Melbourne Observatory Cafe is

the best place to relax because it offers a theme environment depending

on your mood, when dining.


Australia also has numerous theme parks such as Luna Park, an

historical amusement park which is located in New South Wales, Australia

and the Parkland Lake, a variety of themed park gardens and recreational

areas. Sega World Sydney a High-tech indoor amusement park located in Darling Harbour. Melbourne Aquarium, is a Southern ocean and Antarctic aquarium which offers visitors a chance to dive with sharks, really cool.


Nationwide you can find also many memorials and statues like the

ANZAC war memorial statue, located in Hyde park, Sydney. It was built

to remember for the fallen soldiers of the Australian Imperial force during

World War I and the Shrine of Remembrance is also one of the largest war

memorials in Australia.


Another important statue located in the city of Sydney is the statue

from admiral Arthur Philip, he was the admiral of the first fleet from Britain

and the founder of Sydney. He was also appointed as the first Governor

of New South Wales which was then the first European colony on the

Australian continent. He died in the year 1814 in the City of Bath, England.

Just visit this very beautiful country as there are many things to see and explore, like Uluru, a large sandstone rock formation, located in central Australia. Don't forget also to visit the Federation Square, a cultural area

which is composed a series of buildings, public broadcasters, art galleries, museum, cinemas, restaurants, bars and shops.


Visiting Australia should never be boring, it offers enough to do and to

explore for each day of your vacation when touring all over this awesome country.


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Sydney Opera House
Opera House
Paddington Townhall
Melbourne Rialto Tower
Rialto Tower
City of Melbourne
City of Melbourne
Anzac War Memorial
City of Sydney
Brisbane Story Bridge

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